Space to Breathe provides spiritual solutions to everyday problems


We use non-religious spirituality as a tool to enable greater wellbeing. 
We seek to enhance wellbeing, wherever you are and whatever stage of life you find yourself in.
We empower communities and individuals to grow and develop.



Given that many of us spend up to one third of our waking weeks at work it always made sense for us to connect our services to workplaces.

We use spiritual tools to enhance wellbeing and provoke imagination. Find out how we can help you.

Our Work:Space Pop-Up days give a creative co-working space for entrepreneurs, sole traders, creatives and community workers. For anyone who works in isolation, this is an opportunity for community.

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Hundreds of people have got involved so far. 

Find out what silence can do for you.


We need each other. Get involved in practical ways to cross boundaries.