As part of Space to Breathe’s work we try and help websites develop usable and useful content that’s engaging and makes the most of what’s being written.

It’s a reasonable question to ask what a guy who nearly became a Vicar and works in the field of spirituality is doing working with Content on the web and in other forms. The answer is… good question, it was somewhat of an accident but when I think of it a very sensible accident.


In my experiences of exploring spirituality there are themes that regularly emerge. How can you explore the depth of your own being and emotions? How can you find peace and serenity in a busy world? Do we have to do things the way our consumerist world wind of a world tells us? How do I learn to be more myself? How do I find my inner voice?


The funny thing is these questions all find a place in the realm of Content Strategy.

  • Web content that’s written from the heart and has a depth is so much more engaging and incredibly worthwhile.
  • We can create content which has a stillness and a simplicity in amongst all the blur of colours and design.
  • We can create confident content that is at odds with a driven culture.  Less can be more.  We can decide to not try so hard, to not ‘market’ everything we do and instead create a mutual experience with our users of engaging with content.  We can be humble.
  • We can find ways to share content that shares something of us – either our values or our own story.
  • We can develop ourselves and develop others by what we share.  We have all stumbled across content which has impacted us, formed us a little more, created a connection with our soul.  This environment of content can actually, in a small way, make a big difference.


During my times helping people explore spirituality I’ve found the word ‘curation’ incredibly helpful. I heard it first used by Jonny Baker in his book Curating Worship. Rather that ‘putting something on’ or ‘creating a service’ you curate a space within which people are free to find their own place and their own spirituality – through art, through installations, through prayers – whatever. It’s much more an enabling task rather than a directing one.


To me content strategy brings that same approach. How can you curate a space on the web or in printed form where people are able to make meaningful discoveries and find something that adds to what they are looking for. This is the approach of Space to Breathe to curating content.


Regularly we’ll write blog posts and articles expressing wisdom or thinking that we’ve been inspired by.  You can find the archive of these posts below. We’d love to have you join us on our journey.



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