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Price Waterhouse Coopers anticipate that unexpected resignations cost the economy in the UK more than £42 billion/year. In a 2008 report employees cited reasons for leaving their jobs as feeling undervalued (21%), bad relationship with management (22%) or being ineffectively led (25%) as major reasons for their departure (source: 2008.)

In education, teaching is widely understood to be one of the most stressful occupations. 2017 figures from the Health & safety Executive noted 2,460 cases of work-related stress per 100,000 workers. This was twice the average rate across all industries of 1,230 cases per 100,000 workers in the three-year period averaged over 2014-15 to 2016-17.


Dealing with Stress and Wellbeing can therefore:

Reduce time off and resignations

Reduce the cost of cover-staff or hiring

Produce a happier and more contented workforce

Create a healthier working environment

Lead to better results and effectiveness


Equilibrium works as an approach to identify challenges to wellbeing and contentment in the workplace. It works with the culture of organisations and suggests tools and strategies to improve working environments.

The central idea of Equilibrium is to work with Leaders/Managers and with Staff to ensure their relationships are healthy and their systems for working are effective.


We do this by:

  1. Using a Wellbeing questionnaire to establish a baseline for the happiness, wellbeing and mental health of all staff at all levels of an organization.
  2. Providing an initial 2 page summary report sharing initial findings and suggesting strategies.
  3. Sharing these ideas in one day seminars – either with Staff and Managers together or in separate settings depending on the size of the organization and our findings. (Seminars max 30 people.)
  4. Providing a detailed Equilibrium Report which provides goals and strategies for the organization going forward. This report aims to be live document which helps the organization with ongoing strategy.
  5. A follow up question, report and visit in six months.


In a commercial organisation we would charge £1500 for the whole package.
In a school setting these costs can be reduced depending on budget and scope.


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