Space to Breathe is committed to helping local people and local communities make sense of the world around them and improve their wellbeing. We use spirituality as a tool to help us with that task.

We bring tools and ideas that bring people together, that help people overcome challenges and that empower individuals to be themselves.


We work in social cohesion enabling communities to cross boundaries.

We work in education, helping pupils and staff in their wellbeing.  

We curate experiences and activities using the creative arts. 


If you’re wanting to work creatively in any area of community relationships and you’d like some help please contact us.  As a Community Interest Company we are committed to giving back into our local communities.


Britain is becoming increasingly diverse by social grade, ethnicity and age.
— Social Integration Commission 2018

Social integration has become an important part of national community development strategies in the UK in the past year.  

We seek to bring people together through campaigns such as Interdependence and Ask your Neighbour a Favour. We seek to create spaces for community using the arts and creativity. One example is Remembering, our installation giving space for healthy grieving. 

We seek to support the wellbeing of people involved in the frontline of community work through support, peer groups and connection with services and resources to enable sustainability in tough projects.

A lack of social integration is likely to make it harder to address the various challenges that modern Britain faces. These challenges include long-term unemployment, blocked opportunities/access to talent, social isolation and a lack of community wellbeing.
— Social Integration Commission 2018



Interdependence is our annual campaign to encourage people to cross boundaries in their community. On 4th of July every year we declare Interdependence Day and promote the simple idea that we need each other.


We need each other to build healthy community.

We need each other to discover ourselves, our place in the world and our connection to others.

We need each other when life is hard and support is essential.

We need each other to build a tolerant, diverse and inclusive society.


We have created an Interdependence Resource pack which gives you 30 days of simple activities to help you cross boundaries and meet people different to you. You can download it for free here.

ask your neighbour a favour

Vulnerability is the birthplace of innovation, creativity and change.
— Brene Brown

So often we design community projects that provide something to somebody else. But what would happen if we approached people with vulnerability, to ask for help.

Ask Your Neighbour a Favour works with that simple idea. Do you need something? Is there a problem you can’t fix? What about popping next door and asking your neighbour to help? 

One in four British people would call their neighbour friends.
— YouGov 2015

Ask Your Neighbour a Favour will launch in South Yorkshire in the Autumn.



Remembering is a unique interactive installation designed for All Saints Day (1st November) but flexible enough to be used all year round.

Our team can work with local organisations and the local community to provide a space where people can remember those who’ve been lost.


Our traditions of funerals and the initial tasks of bereavement mean that more than likely people who’ve experience a loss have had some opportunity to grieve. However, psychologist William Worden argues that “it is not humanly possible to deal with the devastation all at once” (Worden 1983 pg.154.) Remembering gives local people the opportunity to creatively engage with their pain and loss and then to give everyone the opportunity to take pain seriously and move forward.

Our team would be very happy to discuss with you the possibility of holding a Remembering installation in your area.


Interested? Read more about our installation and get in touch with us here.