We are passionate about seeing school communities thrive. We are also acutely aware of the challenges that schools, their staff and young people face.

Our work prioritises staff well being based on an understanding that school communities and young people benefit the most when they are served by staff who are well and resilient.

We believe positive well being involves an increased connectedness to our self, others and ‘Other’, which some people might call God. Our work draws wisdom from positive psychology, social anthropology and spirituality to help people live well, live fully and live deeply. We have developed the ‘Wellbeing Triangle’ as our way of helping people to understand this.


We can offer:

• Whole School INSET days/Twilights

• Consultation with Senior Management Teams on creating positive working cultures

• Independent audits of school well being

• One to one support and signposting to therapeutic support

We also run Wellbeing Days for School Staff, the next ones of which are in Feb/Mar as a Series of evenings and then on May 22nd as a day.

Our work is led by Ben Harper, who has over 20 years experience of working in and around Sheffield schools in various roles. You can find out more about Ben and the rest of our team here.

If you’d like to Hire the team to help in your school, just get in touch.



Space to Breathe’s team carries extensive experience working with children and young people in schools .  Our collective includes current and ex-teachers, schools workers, university lecturers and coaches experiences in supporting teachers. 

You can find out more about our work by downloading our Schools Flyer.


year six lesson plan

We can give you a flavour of our work through this lesson plan for  Experiencing Spirituality through the Arts with Francis of Assisi as a focus.  This plan is for Year 6 pupils but is adaptable to early secondary school years as well.

IMG_3749 copy.JPG


We have experience with organising dropdown days around Spirituality and are very happy to liaise with schools to run, to contribute to them or to provide resources to teachers. We can particularly resource activities around:

Contemplation and silence, art and spirituality, experiencing the labyrinth - an ancient walking meditation, ethics and ethical questions.