At Space to Breathe we want to resource and encourage everyone who is on any sort of spiritual journey.

It’s been long documented that although religious attendance and affiliation in Western settings is decreasing, an interest and openness to spirituality is increasing.  Studies such as Hay and Hunts 2002 Understanding the Spirituality People Who Don’t Go to Church (Church of Scotland) have shown that this openness may well be due to a greater freedom for people to share about spirituality or a genuine increase in interest.


At Space to Breathe we call this type of spirituality “everyday spirituality” and we focus on an experience of something spiritual rather than providing lessons or dogma in how to practice it.

This spirituality is encountering:

Wonder in the world around us.
A commitment to others and to care for those in need.
Spirituality that is ‘making sense’ of the events and details of life.
Centred on the soul of each person.
Not bound by religion or attendance.
Simple in language and practice.


“Spirituality is creeping into the office.. companies are turning inward in search of a soul as a way to foster creativity and motivate leaders.”

Business Week, ‘Companies Hit the Road Less Travelled’ June 2005

Since the turn of the millennium many mainstream companies have explored spiritual concepts and ideas in training and well being of employees or with a view to their aims and objectives.

• Lotus established a ‘soul committee1’ to look at the heart and values of their company.

• Monica Miller is one writer who notes the phenomenon of the annual ‘Spirit week2’ where employees are encouraged to be creative in thought, dress and attitude.

• Boeing3 have sought to include poets and artists in creative days for employers as they seek to include more heart, emotion or spirit in the ways they work.

We bring the best of positive psychology, the creative arts and simple non-religious spirituality to our work with wellbeing to ensure we use every available language and approach to explore how we live well, live fully and live deeply.

Why not check out these resources and ideas that we employ …


your journey


Space to Breathe seeks to empower and encourage everyone into a journey with spirituality.

We’d like to help you find a way of living well, fully and deeply which is appropriate to you.  


We provide a number of helpful tools to help you:

Campaigns like The Silence Challenge

Resources art and ideas from our arts label Proost

Imaginative resources like Winter and Wonder or Well Beings (for students)




Shhhh... is all about space.



Shhhh... offers space to contemplate and meditate, to reflect and to pray. These events will be inclusive to everyone and be particularly relevant for people interested in spirituality but won’t feel religious in language or tone. Expect some art installations, poetry and prose, ambient music, visuals and creative ways to engage with your spiritual side. You can find out latest dates and info here.


Firstly we encourage you to explore the space.  They’ll be a number of installations, ambient music and visuals.  You can engage with the different pieces and reflections around the room or just be still in the candlelight.

We then end our events with half an hour together in a guided mediation which will use poetry, meditations, art and music to guide us together on a journey of inner discovery.

Then we’ll give 15 minutes to total silence, and then end.



WHen and whERE?

Shhhh... is arranged on a regular basis in Sheffield. We run either whole day Exhibitions or Evenings with a particular theme.

Shhhh... currently takes place at 35 Chapel Walk Art Space, 35 Chapel Walk, Sheffield S1 2PD. We also partner with other spaces to run events across the city.

Our next dates are:

Monday 4th to Friday 8th November we are running a week long exhibition called ‘Peace.’




Artboard 1.png

Proost is our arts and music online label which profiles the work of musicians, poets, artists and creatives who would not otherwise get the profile they deserve. 

Proost hosts "art with a soul" i.e. any piece of work which has some sort of spirituality at its heart.  We have worked with artists such as World Slam Poetry Champion Harry Baker, Welsh Young Poet Laureate Martin Daws, celebrated South-coast DJ Steve Leach and brilliant illustrator Si Smith. 

Proost operates a very simple and artist-focused system for hosting work.  Profits are split 50/50 and the artist retains the ownership and direction of their work at all times.  They are free to sell elsewhere, free to withdraw work, free to change it.  The artist at all times is in control.

If you'd like to find out Proost visit our website at www.proost.co.uk.
You can see Proost's latest news and tweets below.