Wellbeing Cards ... Simple Self-Care

Here at Space to Breathe we aim to work as facilitators of others wellbeing. We work in gaps, not being anything we aren’t but instead providing simple and easy to access wellbeing support that we hope will significantly help those we come into contact with.

Central to this is self-care. If you imagine a mental health challenge as an area of danger infant of you, were aim to provide you with the tools which help you step back from that danger and to become aware of yourself and your needs.

Over recent weeks our team have begun to develop a number of Wellbeing Cards to use in our work and we wanted to make a selection available for free to anyone who’d like to use them. These are simple tools in self-care - providing ideas which will help you or others you know to become aware of yourself and aware of how you’re doing.

You can use them yourself, with others if you runs groups or activities or share them with friends. They are in jpg form and each card has an activity or thought on the front.

One the back is our Wellbeing Triangle, an important tool in our work. The triangle proposes that to be fully ourselves and to live fully, live well and live deeply we need to engage with ourselves, with others and with a sense of “the other.” Central to the triangle is our soul, our inner self.

The four free cards explore these three points of the triangle and also the central idea of tending to our soul.

You can download each card below.

We’d also love to know your feedback on the cards, if they’re helpful and how you’re using them so please drop a comment on this article or email us info@spacetobreathe.eu to let us know.