Compass Story

What is it that happens when we learn to become silent?

In many traditions silence brings a sort of amplification to your soul. Put simply you begin to hear and see things.

You see details which until silence had been obscured by all the vision we are surrounded by. You see the simple beauty of flowers. You notice the detail in the everyday. You see a strange beauty in the mesh of steel and glass in our buildings. You see people. You see creatures.

You hear sounds and voices which until silence had been drowned out by the noise of life. You hear the song of birds. You hear the hum of electricity pylons. You hear the sound of the wind rustling trees. You hear footsteps.

Alongside these outer sights and sounds, you find your inner voices are also amplified.

Many who practice Ignition spirituality talk of an inner compass. Writer Margaret Silf suggests as we reflect and become silent we become aware of a pathway which we can create, of an internal direction based on ourselves and on our spirituality.

Why not try being intentional at trying to hear these silence voices and see these sights. Why not try discovering your inner compass and allowing your own self to begin to speak to you about your path, your soul, your future and your place in the universe.

The plants and animals and even our small children know, with a wisdom deeper than ours, that the Way is simply about growing and becoming whoever we really are, in the core of our being. It is about recognising the acorn in our hearts and trusting the process by which it will become an oak. It is about co-operating with that process of becoming, about keeping our feet on the earth of our own lived experience even as we reach out to the horizon beyond us. And it is about letting our own personal becoming be fully engaged with the evolution, physical, intellectual and spiritual, of the whole of creation.
— Margaret Silf, Sacred Spaces