Shhhh.. Peace

Each month we run a simple meditation and reflection evening here in Sheffield called Shhhh... 

Its an event we're really proud of and we think there are plenty of people out there interested in it but not able to get there each month.  So in the future we're going to experiment with different days to run it on, take it to new venues but also each month e want to share some reflections from the evening so that you can join in at home.

We are beginning this experiment with our evening on Peace which took place on 23rd July.

Check out this five minute video and then if you'd like to there are some extra reflections below.

Shhhh works around a room filled with different activities and meditations to take part in.  These are easily done at home to so why not try a few of these ideas below, all aimed to help you reflect on Peace.


We were struck recently by Salisbury Cathedral's installation of thousands of doves in flight in the ceiling of their cathedral.  The dove has always been a symbol of peace.  Why not use the instructions below to make your own paper dove and reflect on where peace might come in your life, in your family, in your friends lives, in your neighbourhood or in the world.

Make your own paper dove (thanks to Salisbury Cathedral for the origami instructions.)

Look at Love

Rumi is an incredible poet from the Sufi Islam tradition and a great source of comfort to many people.  His poem 'Look at Love' spoke to us about the balance that peace can bring to life and the ways our conflicted world can find peace and rest.

Why not invite this love and peace into your life in whatever way feels right to you and scribble down any thoughts or emotions you have.  Reflect on them during this week.




Our next Shhhh.. is 3rd September


7.30-9.00pm at the Printhouse, 21-23 North Church Street, Sheffield S1 2DH