Greenbelt ... Making Sense Part One

Over the August bank Holiday weekend Space to Breathe made its first foray into the world of Festival’s … and we had a blast.

Set in the beautiful surroundings of Broughton House nr Kettering, the Greenbelt Festival was celebrating Acts of the Imagination and we brought our brand of wellbeing mixed with simple spirituality and the creative arts.

Working with a 20 strong team we curated The Chapel, a walk-in reflective space surrounded by outdoor installations. Fabric stars created by Canadian artist Jenny Hawkinson lined the route to the venue and covered its roof. A loom was set up with people invited to place a strip of fabric into the loom as a prayer, dream or hope. “Before I die I want to …” was an installation inspired by American Artist Candy Chang and invited people to put up their hopes for the rest of their days. We were blown away by the response.

Over the weekend, festival-goers shared their hopes and dreams “Before I die”

Over the weekend, festival-goers shared their hopes and dreams “Before I die”

The Chapel venue looked to explore how we make sense of things - ourselves, the world around us, relationships or our homes. We had a lovely response to the venue, with hundreds visiting it throughout the weekend and many appreciating the space in the midst of the noise of Festival life.

Our new friend shared with us that the Chapel had become a place of safety and welcome for him over the weekend and that he’d come back time and again. “It’d be great if this was around all year” he said.

Next week, we’ll share about Proost Presents and Adjacent Possible, the programming we curated at the festival.