Getting Space: School Staff Wellbeing Day on 26 Jan

Here at Space to Breathe HQ, one of our passions is to support School Staff in our local schools.

Mental health and Wellbeing are big topics at the moment. The recent Health and Wealth report from Sheffield Public Health notes how important the wellbeing of all us at work is.

School staff play a central role in how well our city is doing. A key role in educating and supporting young people. A key role in future employment and careers. A key role in supporting families and communities.

Yet teachers face significant stress and Mental Health challenges. For example, the Charity Education Support Partnership study in 2018 found that 40% of Newly Qualified Teachers had experienced mental health challenges in the last 12 months (for those teachers who’ve been in post longer its 31%.)

Part of our work in supporting School Staff is to provide tools for your self-care and support. A key aspect of that work are our Teacher Wellbeing Days, the next one of which is being held at Whirlow Spirituality Centre on Saturday 26 January.

This Soulful Wellbeing Day uses our Wellbeing Triangle to explore your own wellbeing through a series of creative reflections and activities. The day is accessible for anyone involved in teaching and will aim to enable you to live well, live fully and live deeply.

There are still spaces available for this excellent day, which is being led by Ben Harper, our Educational Lead and makes the most of the space and beautiful surroundings that Whirlow has to offer.

The day is £25 per person and includes Lunch.

Why not start the year by giving yourself some space and investing in your wellbeing.

Find out more and book in.