World Mental Health Day

Today is World Mental Health Day. We wanted to share some thoughts about taking some time to stop. Here’s Andy with a few thoughts …

If you can, find 5 mins today to take some time out.

Think about yourself, how are you feeling, what makes you tick. How can you make more time for you?

Think about others? How can you make space for family, friendships and relationships? How can those people help you and your wellbeing?

Thinking about your sense of ‘other’ - all those things you can’t put your finger on. A sense of wonder, awe, contemplation. Having an attentiveness to the world around you.

Why not make time each day to invest in you? To get off the treadmill and spend time slowing down and stopping?

We’d set out below a few resources that might help you. Why not try them out and see if they help.

  • There’s an adaption of an ancient meditation called the Examen, narrated by our very own Ben Harper.

  • There’s a simple breathing meditation.

  • There’s a resource for students that we worked on with SCM.

  • There’s some info about the benefits of silence.

You can also find more on our Resources page or at our arts label Proost.