Join us at our Culture Seminar in London ...

As we’ve been supporting organisations in developing wellbeing for staff we’ve been struck by a regular and crucial issue. If there isn’t a strong culture of wellbeing in a company it is hard to make a definite impact on personal wellbeing.

Employers have statutory obligations with regard to workplace culture but what is often neglected is that strong culture of wellbeing improves productivity, staff morale and sense of purpose. Your business will grow if you get this right.

With that in mind we’ve pioneered a seminar package called ‘Creating a Culture of Wellbeing in Your Workplace’ and the next event is in London on 1st November.

Attendees invest £150 for:

  • an informative, imaginative and packed half-day seminar

  • a free 1-2-1 consultation (minimum 1 hour) looking at how wellbeing culture can be improved in your workplace.

  • a suite of resources

  • access to a closed online group for previous participants.

We genuinely believe this will make a difference to your company and have set our four reasons why on this website.

We’d love to see you at our event on 1st November, or on our online course on 29 November. Details and how to book in are below. Places are limited so don’t delay.