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Space to Breathe provides creative and thoughtful wellbeing support to companies, charities and organisations. We seek to boost employee wellbeing and value. We also work with business leaders to help them empower and develop their employees. Our work took off when we worked with BG Group in Reading and discovered that spirituality had a lot to offer the imagination and wellbeing of businesses and their employees.

At Space to Breathe we believe in using creative tools such as art, simple spirituality or the best of positive psychology. 

Given that most of us spend up to one third of our waking weeks at work it made sense for us to connect our imaginations, bodies, emotions, thoughts and feeling to our workplaces. We therefore seek to explore imaginative ways to express the whole of ourselves at work.

When we show up for work we bring our emotions, thoughts and beliefs to our workplace.
— Linda Ferguson


Space to Breathe focuses not just on individual wellbeing but also on the culture of our workplaces.

We work with organisations to improve that factors that enhance workplace wellbeing, enabling people to flourish in what they do and be all they can be. This can mean creating collaborative processes at work that enable everyones voice to be heard. It can mean promoting the safety to speak your mind, share ideas and challenge things. It can be confronting models of leadership that promote fear rather than empowerment. It can mean naming cultural issues specific to a workplace so that they be discussed, faced and changed where necessary.

We work collaboratively with organisations to look at the culture present in a workplace and ask wellbeing questions aimed at supporting employers and employees.

We also run training events like ‘Creating a Culture of Wellbeing in Your Workplace' that you can find on our events page. This training is £150 pp and includes resources, a one-to-one consultation and exposure to the latest ideas and thinking.

One said:

“Thanks so much. I was gratefully affirmed in my practice and inspired by new learning.”

We have found that improving workplace culture, reducing stress and enhancing wellbeing brings a number of positive outcomes, all of which lead to better results and effectiveness.

Reducing stress and enhancing wellbeing can:

Reduce time off and resignations
Reduce the cost of cover-staff or hiring new employees
Produce a happier and more contented workforce
Create a healthier working environment
Lead to better results and effectiveness

In Sheffield in 2018 £450M was lost to the economy in terms of absence of presenteeism linked to mental health and wellbeing. (Source Sheffield Public Health ‘Health and Wealth report 2018)


Interested? You can find more information and get in touch with us here.

The Art of Connection uses a piece created by  Lucy Freeman

The Art of Connection uses a piece created by Lucy Freeman

Space to Breathe Art Installations

Sometimes, a conversation about our wellbeing or the culture of wellbeing in an organisation is hard to begin. How do you create honest dialogue? How easy is it to face up to the challenges of what’s not going right or see the encouragements of what’s working well?

To open these conversations we can come to your workplace and install a art installation with accompanying creative actions that allow a different slant on workplace wellbeing. Art can be a language and so we use its creativity and the concept of finding meaning to begin a wellbeing process. Check out our blog about the Art of Connection. If you’d like to book an installation in your workplace then get in touch for a quote.




We offer a variety of training opportunities to build better leadership in organisations.

These training days are led by Space to Breathe founder Andy Freeman who has 20 years’ experience of leading organisations in the non-profit sector and has taught leadership at undergraduate and postgraduate level with Durham University as well as guest lecturing in other settings.

You can read about the different training days below.


leading soulfully

This session explores the importance of interpersonal relationships in leadership and how to build emotional intelligence in the way that we lead. It uses Alvesson and Spicer’s Metaphors for leadership to enable participants to look at and evaluate their own styles and to adapt for their context and those they work with.

francis of assisi as a model of relating

This imaginative day course uses the work of St Francis of Assisi as an inspiration and model of how we relate to clients. Francis broke convention with his model of care. He regularly crossed boundaries of ethnicity, religion, war or illness to provide a face to face way of relating to others. He believed in an interdependence with people, animals and our world. This course is open to all and provides a creative way of re-imagining the relationships we have to clients, suppliers and partners.



the soul of an organisation

This one day plenary session is or a minimum of 10 participants and a maximum of 30. By the end of this day those present will have a better sense of their individual identity and their own unique purpose within their organisation. Does a business have a corporate soul and how can this be articulated? This day will help crystallise the vision of an organisation but express it in a deep and connected way just a soul provides depth and meaning for an individual.