At Space to Breathe we believe that everything is spiritual. Given that most of us spend up to one third of our waking weeks at work it made sense for us to connect our services to workplaces.

When we show up for work we bring our emotions, thoughts and beliefs to our workplace.
— Linda Ferguson

Space to Breathe proves constructive support to companies to boost employee wellbeing and value. We also work with business leaders to help them empower and develop their employees. Our work took off when we worked with BG Group in Reading and discovered that spirituality had a lot to offer the imagination and wellbeing of businesses and their employees.

Since the 1990’s “Workplace Spirituality” has grown in influence. In 2005 Business Week Magazine ran a front-page article on the rise of the movement. Seeking new ways to spark creativity, firms were “trying to motivate employees and create a strong identity or soul” they reported. Companies such as Boeing, Proctor & Gamble and BASF all use spirituality as a tool to help them become more effective.

However, spirituality has also provided a helpful tool in supporting the wellbeing of people at work. In 2008 PWC estimated unexpected resignations cost the UK economy £42 billion per year. Chief amongst reasons for leaving were bad relationships at work, poor leadership and feeling undervalued. Our work seeks to address these areas directly.



Space to Breathe provides constructive support to companies to boost employee wellbeing and value as well as working with business leaders to help them empower and develop their employees.

We call this package Equilibrium. Equilibrium includes training for employees, training for business leaders, questionnaire and feedback, and an Equilibrium Report which provides feedback, goals and proposals for ways forward. The aim of this package is to develop relationship and over time help organisations built structures more able to sustain wellbeing at work. 


We have found that improving relationships at work, reducing stress and enhancing wellbeing brings a number of positive outcomes, all of which lead to better results and effectiveness.

Reducing stress and enhancing wellbeing can:

Reduce time off and resignations
Reduce the cost of cover-staff or hiring new employees
Produce a happier and more contented workforce
Create a healthier working environment
Lead to better results and effectiveness


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The Art of Connection uses a piece created by  Lucy Freeman

The Art of Connection uses a piece created by Lucy Freeman

Space to Breathe Art Installations

Sometimes, a conversation about our wellbeing or the culture of wellbeing in an organisation is hard to begin. How do you create honest dialogue? How easy is it to face up to the challenges of what’s not going right or see the encouragements of what’s working well?

To open these conversations we can come to your workplace and install a art installation with accompanying creative actions that allow a different slant on workplace wellbeing. Art can be a language and so we use its creativity and the concept of finding meaning to begin a wellbeing process. Check out our blog about the Art of Connection. If you’d like to book an installation in your workplace then get in touch for a quote.



As part of Space to Breathe’s work we try and help websites develop usable and useful content that’s engaging and makes the most of what’s being written.

It’s a reasonable question to ask what a guy who nearly became a Vicar and works in the field of spirituality is doing working with content on the web and in other forms. The answer is… good question, it was somewhat of an accident but when I think of it a very sensible accident.

Web content that’s written from the heart and has depth is much more engaging and worthwhile.

During my times helping people explore spirituality I’ve found the word ‘curation’ incredibly helpful. I heard it first used by Jonny Baker in his book Curating Worship. Rather that ‘putting something on’ or ‘creating a service’ you curate a space within which people are free to find their own place and their own spirituality – through art, through installations, through prayers – whatever. It’s much more an enabling task rather than a directing one.

To me content strategy brings that same approach. How can you curate a space on the web or in printed form where people are able to make meaningful discoveries and find something that adds to what they are looking for. This is the approach of Space to Breathe to curating content.

We create content which has a stillness and a simplicity in amongst the blur of colours and design.

Regularly we’ll write blog posts and articles expressing wisdom or thinking that we’ve been inspired by. We’d love to have you join us on our journey.


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We create two spaces each year in a beautiful setting for a two-day retreat for people involved in business leadership.

The retreat uses Ignatian tools of self-reflection, silence and space for group and 1-1 support to provide a perfect reflective space.

Saint Ignatius of Loyola was an influential 16th Century Spanish Priest who founded the Jesuits and created meditations called The Spiritual Exercises which are still used today.  


During our retreat we use Ignatius approach to silence, reflecting and remembering to help us stop, consider and contemplate our approaches to life, business and ourselves. The weekend also includes six hours of silence where we’re encouraged to engage with our inner self, the outdoors and our other senses to consider the world around us.

Also included in the weekend is the opportunity for coaching/direction, creative exercises, plenty of time to talk with others and some wonderful meals.

Prices start at £200/person.  All meals and room included.


Interested? You can find more information and get in touch with us here.




We offer a variety of training opportunities to build better leadership in organisations.

These training days are led by Space to Breathe founder Andy Freeman who has 20 years’ experience of leading organisations in the non-profit sector and has taught leadership at undergraduate and postgraduate level with Durham University as well as guest lecturing in other settings.

You can read about the different training days below.


leading soulfully

This session explores the importance of interpersonal relationships in leadership and how to build emotional intelligence in the way that we lead. It uses Alvesson and Spicer’s Metaphors for leadership to enable participants to look at and evaluate their own styles and to adapt for their context and those they work with.

francis of assisi as a model of relating

This imaginative day course uses the work of St Francis of Assisi as an inspiration and model of how we relate to clients. Francis broke convention with his model of care. He regularly crossed boundaries of ethnicity, religion, war or illness to provide a face to face way of relating to others. He believed in an interdependence with people, animals and our world. This course is open to all and provides a creative way of re-imagining the relationships we have to clients, suppliers and partners.



the soul of an organisation

This one day plenary session is or a minimum of 10 participants and a maximum of 30. By the end of this day those present will have a better sense of their individual identity and their own unique purpose within their organisation. Does a business have a corporate soul and how can this be articulated? This day will help crystallise the vision of an organisation but express it in a deep and connected way just a soul provides depth and meaning for an individual.

inspirational emails


Space to Breathe regularly provides simple inspiration to organisations with weekly emails giving food for thought and prompting fresh imagination at the start of each week. For example Space to Breathe has provided weekly emails to the businesses and sole traders working in the Loft co-working space in the city since September 2017. 

I like Space to Breathe’s weekly emails because they are interesting and relevant and take my thinking outside of the norm. I really look forward to my Monday inspiration.
— Jo from The Loft

how does it work?

We can provide a weekly inspirational email with a story, image and creative tool on a weekly basis. 



We'll share a story that will get you wondering.

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We'll share an image that will get you questioning. 



We'll share a creative tool that will make you try something new.